12 Elements of Mind

God Is The INFINITE FIELD of love

1. Faith – “A knowingness that a Power greater than me exists.”

2. Strength – “I stand strong for that which is right and good.”

3. Love – “Love flows through me and to everyone”

4. Wisdom – “I make thoughtful choices and wise decisions.”

5. Power – “I speak positive, powerful words to myself and others.”

6. Imagination – “I create happy pictures and outcomes in my mind.”

7. Will – “I choose Gods will.”

8. Understanding – “I understand that I am a spiritual being.”

9. Order – “I am at the right place at the right time.”

10. Zeal – “I am filled with energy to do what is mine to do.”

11. Renunciation – “I say NO to that which is not in my Christ nature.”

12. Life – “I use my life energy to honor my Christ nature.”

“May the white light of peace, health, joy, love, happiness, abundance, prosperity, fun and success be with you always.” C.L. Jones

Referenced by Jack Boland- Church of Today and Cody L. Jones DVM