An Ancient Greek Word that really cannot be distilled into one word.

It means more than transformation or change of heart.

It means to think beyond your thinking. To think in a new way that is much closer than some far out vision out in the distance.

This responsibility must begin with you. It must be established in the mind. It must be asked for. A decision must be made.

Our English language has tried with the word Repent. The awful practice of feeling guilty and considering yourself as a second class citizen of the world. Your world.

How fearful that word has become to all who want to advance spiritually.

It’s time to make action by first stilling the mind; listen to your emotions and asking for a new way, a new path.

A connection is made and advancement in consciousness is established. A spiritual door is opened.

The key of the kingdom is placed in your hand.

A new vibration is felt, a frequency is entered and a new dimension is created.

Why does my personality or ego want to edge or block out this energy of mind vibrancy.

Fear, lack of confidence, and understanding.

The status quo or comfort zone of my routine thinking senses it does not need any more expansion. True?

False. Life is change. Life is a continual process of change.

Those who attempt to hold or grasp life are allowing it to slip a away.

Any important realization requires examining the barriers we place on ourselves. The demands we allow to be placed on our personal growth.

Metanoia is a blowing out of the window screen of the mind that is sticky misty, yet you know can be clearer.

In doing so, this energy is released and a new attitude or lens of viewing your world is instantly shifted in a moment.

When we understand that we are energy, frequency, and vibration, it’s a revelation.

A great awakening is established that cannot be unseen. A feeling that cannot be unfelt.

Metanoia never ends because it has already begun. Expand your experience.

When you live a life of self discovery, new dimensions and opportunities are attracted to you.

Remain open to change and truth.

Repent is not such a bad word, it’s just mis-defined.