Trust that your path will unfold as you step into it.”

Norman Vincent Peale

Trust is a measured degree of faith. Both are intertwined in a bond that is strengthened or weakened by the level of commitment or integrity of its structure. This structure is created and established in the mind of conscious thought.  It is pure creativity.

However deep your belief or conviction of faith will determine your degree of trust.  Think for a moment the idea or concept of God.  First, God is not a concept rather an experience. Most believe in a supreme being or ruling force penetrating every facet of our existence from the beginnings of time.  Time is a conceptual idea.  There is no time, it is only a measure or degree of change to a constant. That constant is the ticking clock, the seasons, the rise and fall of the sun, etc.

To the scientific agnostic or atheist, it is our nervous system, para sympathetic system, neurological or psychological processes which are the culmination of the evolutionary process of our universe, as pertaining to our human experience on earth.  Justifiably, they believe or recognize this universal energy and rely on the evolution of the mind for logic and reason to interpret their world of existence. Trust is a concept or deep rooted feeling of certainty, like the undercurrents of the ocean. 

Why is trust a universal principle or value that is so necessarily crucial to the functioning of societies and organizations globally?  It is because without this universal principle of faith, trust is just a word, that arouses thinking or feeling in arbitrary morality in different degrees, minutes, and seconds. Without trust, you would never attempt to drive down the road.

How is trust established? To the layman, trust is the building block or core foundational value that is strengthened or weakened by the making and keeping of promises.  Sounds so simplistic yet it is so complex.  What can organize this universal order of agreement amongst cultures, institutions, or people?  Faith.  The power that precedes every thought or action.  The firm belief, conviction, or knowing, that my understanding and self will can manifest my thoughts into their material equivalent. It has been proven that thoughts are things.

Trust is a thought impulse and is a degree of Faith. The measure you give is the measure you will receive.  These are universal principle truths.

Do you trust yourself?  And to what degree do you really trust yourself?  Difficult questions often have common solutions, yet these questions are personal and can only be answered by the individual.  Life is continuously asking or demanding  a meaning.  This is the will to meaning and in spite of everything, only you can answer yes, or no to life’s request.

As of today, I undoubtedly know, that the level of trust I can exhibit in myself is the measure I can expect to receive from others.  This reciprocity or cause and effect is a universal law.  If I do not trust myself by committing to promises made and promises kept, a degree of responsibility is crystalized or thwarted into stagnation.

Until I am fully accountable within my own integrity, I cannot trust.  The consequence is a diminishment of returns that requires more effort and time to reconstruct.  

Trust takes time to build. It takes seconds to destroy. And sometimes a lifetime to rebuild.

If I can surrender freely and abandon doubt, I must trust and release my faith into every endeavor, circumstance, and relationship I experience daily.  In so doing, I am living in the present and unconsciously conscious. I am acting and deciding at once. There is no pause, just decision.

Trust is Faith.  Faith is complete trust or confidence in self.

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