Responsible Integrity

Memorial Day EveryDay

God knows what He is doing. He doesn’t give the hardest battles to his toughest soldiers. He builds his toughest soldiers from life’s fiercest battles.

Use adversity as nourishment. The strength of a tree is in its roots. Your inner strength can be tested by outside elements; but belief, trust, faith in your core values will sustain and support you in any storm.

Honor yourself and those who have come along your journey past and present. You will find that all you want is already here.

By Genuine Recovery Art

I coach and write because I live for people who want to grow and improve. In true humility, I value the responsibility and privilege of helping, supporting, inspiring, and living to standards that I can only live myself. If I can be an example, share, PROVIDE HOPE WITH DIGNITY, then I coach. I teach and consultant as a Certified Peer Wellness Specialist. Make what you can and leave the rest. The choice is always up to YOU.