Mental Discipline

There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge both poverty and riches are the offspring of thought

Napoleon Hill

How To Develop A Positive Mental Attitude

20 Ways to Develop a Positive Mental Attitude

1. Stay away from the small incidents of controversy when possible. Learn to adjust yourself to other people’s state of mind and difficulties to get along peacefully.

2. Condition your mind at the start of the day to stay positive. This can be done by adopting habits like yoga or listening to something positive at the start of the day.

3. Learn the art of selling yourself to other people by indirection, such as asking leading questions, which will bring out the sort of reactions from others which you desire.

4. Adopt the habit of having a good hearty laugh at the start of the day and every time you become irritated or angry.

5. Start each day with an expression of gratitude. Remember all your adversities and find the seed of equivalent benefit from them. Then, give thanks for the blessings you expect to receive during the day.

6. Concentrate your attention on the can-do portion of all of your problems and desires and take action on it.

7. Learn to transmute all unpleasant circumstances into immediate action. For example, when you are angry, switch your mind to some sort of action in connection with your hobby or your major purpose in life. And to keep it busy with that subject for five minutes.

8. Recognize that in every circumstance, there is good hidden away. so make every situation to work for you and not against you. Follow this instruction and you will soon learn that there is no such thing as an unprofitable experience.

9. Look upon your life as a continuous process in education of learning from all your experiences good and bad.

10. Start some sort of self-improvement, which will make you more open-minded, patient, and generous in your relations with others.

11. Express gratitude twice daily for your recognition of the fact that you have been given complete control over your own mind.

12. Go out of your way daily to document to enthusiastically on the good qualities of those with whom you live and work, but do not mention their negative qualities.

13. Use all criticism to find the area of life where you can still improve.

14. Use passive resistance and do not accept from anyone that which you do not desire.

15. If you can not do something about a situation, do not let it worry you.

16. Keep your mind eternally engaged in thinking of that which you desire the most.

17. Find someone who is worse off than yourself and start where you stand to give him help.

18. Choose some person whom you consider to be the sort of person you would like to be, then go to work and emulate that person in every way possible.

19. Cultivate your tone of voice so that your words have a pleasing musical sound.

20. Write out this sentence and paste it in a prominent place where you work and, on a mirror, where you see yourself in: ”Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”.

Referenced by Napoleon Hill. (1947). Think and grow rich.