Trust that your path will unfold as you step into it.

Norman Vincent Peale

The unifying principle is consistency of integrating thought-feeling. 

This integration is evident in the congruence of integral character of those who are being restored in their right mind. Obviously, right or wrong is subjective and rules of behavior vary, but one thing that is constant is sense or nonsense.

Nature abhors a vacuum and is ever enduringly creating balance and equilibrium.  Now often it does not fit man’s time schedule, but it IS a universal principle. Remember that man created time.

When we become our own monitor of process, our destiny is to be filled with God—beauty, power, wisdom, peace and strength. Being restored to our right mind is the chief aim; so why do such few people only experience this “finding of ourselves?”

Could it be victim or victor mindset?

The best way to change a thing is to correct the process. Quit doing it.  Negative experience is necessary feedback to correct and contribute to the learning process.

New standards, new values about what works and what doesn’t. To release things that do not work is growth. Asking God to change it—not take the pain away, is how to be faith in process.

Seeking to grow along spiritual lines manifests into changed behavior. This is the inward training process of finding ourself. For what is recovery– finding!

When a person can relieve the hangover from anger, fear, resentment, and guilt; a new reality is lived. This is the unifying principle; coming to agreement with these emotional states and reconciling them.

In awareness, the fields of realization shift from watcher -experiencing into witness-observing. You realize that you cannot control your spontaneous thoughts, only view them as happenings of the mind and act or not act, accordingly to your “right mind.”

This right mind is the holistic integration of the opposites.  Your frequency, vibration and energy magnetize into a new dimension.  

So the principle of life is growth—to live.  Live in the time space created in your mind and witness the thoughts as they unfold into your experience. 

I am responsible for this inner personal experience, it is not an idea.



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