Holy Spirit & Jesus

The work of the Holy Spirit in the Life of Jesus:

According to (Bertolet, 2018), the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of Jesus is to empower Jesus in his humanity to bring about the promised glory of God.

Jesus Christ is given the Holy Spirit so that he might fulfill the destiny of humanity for us and for our salvation. In Isaiah 42:1; Isaiah 61:1, as well as Matthew 3:16-17, demonstrates the Holy Spirit as His power and equipping for his ministry.

We must fulfill the conditions for the Spirit to enter us (consciously). Namely, ask (humbly), repent, and be baptized (Bertolet, 2018).

The Spirit of the Lamb is essential in the marked difference between Lucifer and Jesus. Christ Jesus exercised humility, love, kindness, meekness, and purity of thought. He channeled (harnessed) the powers of Mind through the Holy Spirit. Lucifer (Satan) utilizes pride, deception, arrogance, and self-will, to achieve access to the Spirit in others, which produces negative consequences.

That is why Jesus and other great teachers ask us not to just study
what the tablets and commentaries say; but to be present in our
lives in such a way that we are always listening for the direction
of spirit. They ask us to cultivate a direct relationship with God.

— Everyday Wisdom

The symbolism of the Dove, is appropriate because a dove is quiet and shews away easily when disturbed, provoked, or antagonized. To attract the dove, one must be gentle, quiet (mind), still, and receptive (harken-hearing/listening).

Once man (woman) fulfills the conditions of the law, the action of Matthew 12:25-28 (KJW) can transpire; “….But if it is by the Spirit of God that I cast out demons, then the kingdom of God has come upon you.

The presence of the Spirit in Jesus indicates the presence of the “last days” where, according to the Old Testament, God’s kingly reign would dawn. It would be a time of new creation, and especially the presence of the Holy Spirit, as the New Covenant would begin.


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