Professional Individual Business Life Balance Consulting on Zoom by appointment only

I consult entrepreneurial men between 45-60 years old re-frame their experience to meet the transitions from Career, Relationship, or Pet loss generously and graciously through one on one discussions and daily actions.

• I inspire trust and confidence in assisting men who want alternative Honest Experienced Truth to help your focus, concentration, or help reframe some irrational beliefs or fears in a more confidential forum.

• I am in the business of facilitating self development of character with empathy, hope, dignity, and compassion.

• I’m intuitively able to help meet clients’ emotional needs thoughtfully by asking the pivotal questions with emotional intelligence. And understand the difference between hearing and listening.

We will partner together to make a breakthrough in designing the life you want. Our unique experience is an alternative resource for recovery from life’s business, with an exploration of spiritual studies. healing and you.

Clarity is transparent and requires refining to groom into maturity. It’s an expensive endeavor, but so is the cost of not doing it.


60 minute discovery and first consultation visit: $326.00 USD

45 minute follow up visits by appointment: $227.00 USD

My content does not constitute medical, legal, or other professional mental illness advice. I am not a psychiatrist, psychologist, or liscenced therapist.

My consultation is the pragmatic and empiricist result of 26 years of voluntary collaborative experience, study, and analysis from one of the top respected Psychiatrists in the Pacific Northwest.

I Live the 12 step model as a maintaining recovered alcoholic in my seventh year. I completed over a thousand hours of AA group meetings; led, and volunteered at hospitals for alcoholics of all degrees and stages of alcoholism.

Our visits are personal and act as paid consultation from one who understands the depth of alcoholism from personnel experience. I can always learn from you and we will exchange strength, hope, wisdom and skill.

I select my clients because I only help those who want to really change their lives. If we are not a fit, then I am depriving someone who really needs what I can offer. I fully recognize that I am not for everyone, and that is what makes our partnership unique.

Rigorous self honesty, willingness, dedication, and commitment are required for your next stage in life. I will do my part, you will have to do yours.

I offer three personalized packages of Consulting.

Personal package fees can be addressed after 2nd visit based on available times and or match.

Supportive [Good], Extended [Excellent], and Full Collaboration [Best]. Each has a specific time frame, and price.

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