About GR

I’ve learned that something constructive comes from every defeat.

Tom Landry

Responsible Integrity

Genuine Recovery Published Art primary focus is to give classical knowledge, support, teach, guide, encourage, and inspire you to make better choices with daily action.

The following essays are suggestive only.  Many of the ideas and concepts are a reflection of my personal experience through life, readings, and interpretations. I promise the reader useful insights to questioning limiting beliefs and expanding your awareness and understanding.

Each essay is a one page consolidation of broad topics condensed into segments. There is no way possible to express all of these concepts in such an abbreviated version; however, I attempt to pack as much relevant information that I understand presently.  The beauty is that my understanding is continually being revealed and is subject to change as I live and experience more.

Rest assured that these are solely my opinions and beliefs and interpretations, they should not be acknowledged and accepted as absolute fact.  Any education should be viewed under this kind of scrutiny. 

I am not a saint, philosopher, or guru.  I am a man that has experienced and learned many things and want to give back, so that you can save time and energy of not having to go through rigorous trial and error.

I respect my readers of this blog and will do my best to honor and be as honest as I can. These essays are also meant to evoke an interest and shift in attitude which in turn will change your behavior and actions toward the goals you want to achieve. 

I am excited for this opportunity to express these ideas in a format which will leave the reader to investigate this information for themselves and come to there own conclusion as to their validity. 

I understand my mission is to help awaken a new perspective or attitude for the problem drinker, excessive social drinker, or if you will, the alcoholic. You will decide and identify where you fit.  My goal is to provide an awareness to enhance communication within yourself which can open the door to truly understanding yourself.  

If I can help an individual with such an important role in the lives of others, then I view my work as beneficial.  It also holds me accountable to practice what I currently believe and become consistent in a one day at a time mind-set.

Psychology and Spirituality is the the foundation of human behavior.  My mind-set is the structure of my behavior. What I want to do is enhance Responsible Integrity.  Through  honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness, great discoveries can be made. 

All I ask for is the willingness to volunteer your time and energy briefly, and be open to suggestion.  I guarantee that there is truth contained in these entries because I have lived and practiced them to the best of my ability. Remember that willingness is not enough, we must apply. Knowing is not enough either, we must do.

Lastly, I am proud of many accomplishments, yet I am humbled in spirit to know that none of this would be possible without support from family and a deep knowing in a power that allows me to grow daily.  I feel it’s important to remember that even though competition to be the best is highly valued, I understand that without cooperation, nothing worth value is meaningful.

Experience and learn from the happenings of life.  Genuine Recovery Art is a one day voyage.  All we get is one day to be at our best.  In the process, you can come out with a better understanding of who you are and what you want from life. My intent is to give you a greater appreciation for your life and potential.