The most dangerous risk of all: The risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.

Alan Watts

Integrating Christian Psychology in Mental Health Wellness for Improved Reality and Responsibility

Genuine Recovery Publishing Agency publications are a branch of classical learning and spiritual knowledge. Thought can be a continuous lifelong healing and self correction process as is Life.

Spiritual freedom arises from within and must be established in the mind. True freedom must become an experience inside you and then demonstrated.

It is a decision of commitment and dedication for excellence, not perfection.

Sobriety is not just abstinence from alcohol. True sobriety is soundness of mind. The conscious mind being connected in the present moment; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, now.

Even though sobriety can be defined as abstinence from alcohol, it also means cultivation of intelligence, understanding and consideration. Accepting oneself and others.

Responsible Integrity is a quality of behavior which for me means: Character, Morality, Principle in perpetual action.

The continual striving to be at your best in the process of maturing in an emotional world.

Coping to life adequately, more than adequately. Being a victor of circumstances, not a victim.

We grow in the direction of the choices we make. Our growth depends as much on how we make decisions as to which ones we make consistently.

Our understanding is our will. As you experience more in life with an openness and eagerness, your understanding can change. Thus, new action in behavior begins.

What is life asking of you? What questions are you asking of life?

One of the most important gifts we can give or receive is an authentic life experience of kindness. Gods grace is for giving and receiving abundance.

Being true to our real nature and behaving consistently is not an easy task. A capacity for growth is required.

Do you have the capacity? Yes, you do.

You can decide to break free from the distractions of emotions, people and time.

Begin to live a principle centered life.

Start today. Begin where you are now.

Honesty, faith and trust in yourself and a power greater than you, is the impenetrable bedrock foundation to set down. The foundation must be shaped with experience and established in the mind. In doing so, we discover, re-create, and build our character.

Character is fluid. Principles are natural laws that are fixed.

Discovering our own values, aligned with hope, gives us a greater sense of responsibility and integrity today.

When we create, connect, align, and cultivate a daily relationship with our true Higher Self, a serenity can be achieved and soundness of mind is sustainable. This practice must be nurtured, cultivated, and maintained consistently.

Self discovery of untapped, deep seated, hopes, desires, strengths and weaknesses, assists us in developing and understanding of who we genuinely are. This can be referred to as your shadow or dark side.

Fame or integrity: which is more important?
Money or happiness: which is more valuable?
Success or failure: which is more destructive?

Tao Te Chong

Knowing thyself is integrating the two opposites of ego, or better still, personality and individuality into a union or unity. It is acceptance.

With this new understanding, we can meet our past and present experiences and confidently move forward in life, sequence by sequence. Or, simply experience flow with life.

A trust is established. Every decision we make, every step we make, is committed to living a life that is open, honest and genuine to ourself and ourselves alone.

This is the creative method of self mastery. A process, a willingness.

Proceeding forward, we are certain to experience fortunate opportunities well beyond our highest imagination.

Saying, “Yes to Life,” in spite of everything, propels you forward confidently in the direction you desire.

This is the will to meaning and the promise on the way to being fulfilled and free.

I invite you to live your experience of Genuine Recovery with me. It is an art. A way of life.

This renewed sense of being can build strength in your character to manifest. Your heightened awareness will lead you in a direction, perhaps, even the right one for you.

What is needed is decision, trust, commitment, and letting go to the process of life.

Remain grounded and focused, knowing that as you move forward in your life with faith and trust, all that you will ever need will be supplied.

Welcome to the realm of applied faith. Discovery begins with you.