Timely, Honest, Responsible Consulting

Many adult men are discouraged and disappointed with sharing Intimate feelings of loss or being “labeled” vulnerable with their medical professional, self help groups, or associates.

Instead of a map, how about A Compass too?

Permit me to help You find yours.

My life’s vocation is Confidential Consulting and Writing. These particular experiences allow my natural expression to continually be revealed and disciplined by living the path of Discovered Acceptance and Principled Realism.

Some people make their changes quickly, others slowly. I will not waste your time or mine dragging you along a circular path or loop which seems impossible and endless.

You can spend a lifetime on Why? Trust me, I spent many years on that track.

I believe in meaningful context as a method, as opposed to drawn out content. I share with humility, integrity, and acceptance.

I owe a great debt of gratitude to the many teachers and relationships on my journey of personal spiritual development.

Man is responsible for finding the true meaning of a situation. And meaning is something to be found rather than to be given, discovered rather than invented.

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