Focused Mental Health Education
Is alcohol a pivot from stress, loss, pain, trauma or transition?

Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.



Experience Spiritual Wellness and a new design for living with Martin.

GENUINE RECOVERY is a mindset of consistent balance, clarity and action without alcohol dependence to meet the midlife transitions or trauma in Life, Business, Relationships or Pet loss.

Explore proven methods to contemplate, cultivate, express sensible kindness and goodness for Individual Mental Health.

I can offer expertise, training, knowledge and skill on how to process inner communication and move forward from trauma or bereavement gracefully assured.

I help adult men SEE WHAT ELSE IS POSSIBLE in Life’s Business while maintaining Integrity and Resilience.

At its core, recovery is a spiritual practice for me. Recovery itself is a form of prayer and meditation which I initiate through intentional contemplation and practicing a one day in time experience.

Recovery means to find. What has been lost in you? Inward Training in Communication is the foundation for change.

My life’s vocation is Confidential Wellness Consulting and Writing. These particular experiences allow my natural expression to continually be revealed and disciplined by living the path of Discovered Acceptance and Principled Realism.

I am a teacher at heart and a student in mind.

“You might change if YOU make the decision to change.”

Personalized Wellness Consulting

(3) one hour segments of GR Life Design Series on chosen topics of need. Personal PDF at end of sessions.


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